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if you care about delivering high quality hemp products for reasonable prices to your customers, then we have the same goal!

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We believe that products made from hemp should be just as easily accessible as hemp itself. Sustainability and quality should be our first choice, not just an option. Become a partner and let us go together on this journey.

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    From seed to the end product

    monitored processes with highly qualified staff, guaranteeing the transparency of our hemp manufactory

    Seedling Stage

    We only sow seeds of hemp varieties listed in the EU catalogue of accredited varieties from certified European hemp seed producers. We only use fresh seeds from the previous year to achieve the highest germination capacity, and to get healthy plants.

    Cultivation of Crops

    Our hemp is cultivated in the most suitable regions of Hungary, exclusively on organic soil, without the use of any chemicals. We don't use pesticides, or any growth regulators, we rely on the ancient knowledge of nature, because we are in search for the balance.

    Collecting, drying

    All our plants are strictly harvested by hand, dried slowly and gently, and then left to rest for a period of time so that the organic bonds continue to break down steadily. At this point it is utmost important to maintain the appropriate conditions to avoid pests, mold and impurities

    Production of Goods

    We use the highest industry standard CO2 extraction process, after which the RAW material is winterized and purified, to meet our purity expectations. This high quality material is used to mix our unique blends, which are all tested by third party laboratories.