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The HEMP!TERP represents a new generation of CBD oils.

We understand, that hemp is a gift of nature, and we want to make it beneficial for us by using it in the most natural way possible!

Implementing decades of experience of experts involved and the powers inherent in nature’s gifts, we are reaching out -in addition to PHYTOCANNABINOIDS- for another great gift of the plant world, the TERPENOIDS.

Terpenoids play a variety of roles in mediating interactions between organisms. They protect many species of plants, animals, and microorganisms from predators, pathogens and competitors, and are involved in transmitting messages to their conspecifics and mutualistic partners about the presence of food, mates, and enemies.

Terpenoids occur in high proportion in cannabis flowers, but also in other medicinal plants. Many plants can be called herbs precisely because of their terpenoid content. Extracts rich in terpenoids provide indispensable help for us, humans, in overcoming a multitude of diseases and complaints in case we strive for a natural solution. Today, following a natural lifestyle has become more and more difficult, but more and more necessary.

When you hear the five-element theory, we don’t necessary need to think about esotericism or mysticism, since we all know that our body is mostly made of water, but it also contains carbon (earth), since we are organic beings, there is plenty of space (ether) between the building blocks that make up our bodies, and we breathe air, which is essential for the energy production of our cells (fire).

HEMP!TERP Power - 6% CBD Oil with Terpenes

At the same time, the five-element theory is the embodiment of a worldview in which we can easily move and think, and thereby provide a better response to unexpected challenges.

In everyday life, knowledge related to the five-element theory helps us in understanding the occuring phenomena and symptoms, and therefore in finding the right answers/solutions to them. Anyone who starts to follow this will certainly get closer to their own inner balance, thus to harmony, which can lead to sound happiness.

The recipe is as follows:

we make our CBD oils in a way that we stick to the purest method of extracting the essence of hemp flowers.

Hemp contains more than 1,300 biologically active substances. Their ratio is given, and if a person leads a natural lifestyle, exercises enough, eats without chemicals, breathes good air, their life is free from distress, peace resides in their heart, even a small amount of the substance can assure a harmonious life.

However, those who do not have such a blessed life have to pay attention to many other things to compensate for their overload. Most people tend to get stuck here, and this is why we use terpenoids. Terpenoids “work together” with cannabinoids. They potentiate each other’s effect, which, taking into account the synergistic effect, multiplies the overall effect. This is called the entourage effect.

The effect of using the hempit CBD oil as a base was enhanced in 5 different ways by adding additional terpenoids to it.

Terpenoids, which are also found in large quantities in herbs, are all 100% pure plant extracts, as is CBD. We use ultra-refined botanical terpenoids to further improve existing ratios when mixed with CBD oil to create a more balanced and reliable experience. Terpenoids enhance flavors, improve our mood and can amplify pleasant experiences.

We have created CBD oils enriched with a special combination of terpenoids, and brought them to you.

The proportions and ingredients in these products are very important for the different wanted effects. With this intelligence on your shelf you

o are able to reach a higher level of harmony with yourself.

o have more reserves for daily renewal.

o are able to rest at night.

o are able to pay more attention to your work and everything you enjoy.

o can increase your imagination and immunity.

o can recover from an illness more easily.

Let’s start combining the oils with the CREATIVE-FOCUS-REST trio.

CREATIVE-FOCUS during the day, REST at night.

HEMP!TERP Creative - 9% CBD Oil with Terpenes

As we progress, we may need both POWER and IMMUNE too. For example, if we get sick or there is an epidemic period, we should choose IMMUNE and rest a lot. The simultaneous use of REST can help you relax.

As soon as we recover, POWER will come! POWER is a great choice for athletes and those who lead an active lifestyle or those who want to lose weight.

With the power of the FIVE, we will also get close to our own inner rhythm. When we start sensing small deviations, we choose the right oil, and after just a few days of taking it, we will be rewarded with a quick restoration of our internal balance. Those who gain proficiency in this will quickly reach the state of flow, where they are able to surf the waves of life.

The product development of the terpenoid essences was accompanied by many tests. A number of well-known researchers, such as Dr. Ethan Russo, whose name is closely associated with the research on the entourage effect, worked on the selection of the individual terpene components, these essences we use in our products.

Dr. Ferenc Karácsony who is the president of the Hungarian Cannabinoid Medicine Foundation, member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Hungarian Integrative Medicine Association, co-founder of the Hungarian Medical Cannabis Association, integrative doctor with a holistic approach worked on describing and testing of each product.

By now, with the HEMP!TERP products, we have managed to create an affordable five-pack, which we would like to further develop together with our consumers.

Many compare the endocannabinoid system to the conductor of a symphony orchestra. It is necessary to connect the musicians together with each other, such as connecting the music with the audience itself. Such a work does the endocannabinoid system inside us.

By using our FIVE elements, we are using the model of our endocannabinoid system.

With the HEMP!TERP product line, we wanted to connect the essence of the plant with the wisdom and medicine at its place of origin.

In Ayurveda, the secret of health and longevity is to keep the doshas in constant balance, according to the needs of the body type.

When well timed and combined, the HEMP!TERP can improve many different conditions for many types of people.

Which one and when to use, at the beginning it could come from an outside source, later our heart and inner voice will tell us easily.

If you think it’s unusual, give it a try and you’ll recognize the expected effects.

For those who are skeptical, you can just start like someone who wants to be active during the day, but wants to relax at night. With this, you will recognize a rhythm that you will then be able to follow.

Go step by step, patiently but firmly. The goal is to relieve the burden, so that the entire body is able to restore the internal balance and stamina under the guidance of the endocannabinoid system.

If you are curious after all, try it, it will be convincing!

Main characteristic of our quality hemp products made with heart

From seed to the end product

monitored processes with qualified staff, guaranteeing the transparency of our hemp manufactory

Seedling Stage

We only sow seeds of hemp varieties listed in the EU catalogue of accredited varieties from certified European hemp seed producers. We only use fresh seeds from the previous year to achieve the highest germination capacity, and to get healthy plants.

Cultivation of Crops

Our hemp is cultivated in the most suitable regions of Hungary, exclusively on organic soil, without the use of any chemicals. We don't use pesticides, or any growth regulators, we rely on the ancient knowledge of nature, because we are in search for the balance.

Collecting, drying

All our plants are strictly harvested by hand, dried slowly and gently, and then left to rest for a period of time so that the organic bonds continue to break down steadily. At this point it is utmost important to maintain the appropriate conditions to avoid pests, mold and impurities

Production of Goods

We use the highest industry standard CO2 extraction process, after which the RAW material is winterized and purified, to meet our purity expectations. This high quality material is used to mix our unique blends, which are all tested by third party laboratories.