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Our hemp manufacture was founded by two like-minded individuals who set a goal to aquaint the potentials of hemp with people and to make the best possible CBD available for everyone. At hempit, we guarantee that every single purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish. We make each phase of the production from seeding the plants to filling the oils with passion and care. Take a look at our site and get in touch with questions or concerns.

The hempit NATURAL represents a tradicional line of CBD oils, rich in flavors.

Over the past decades it has been being discovered that one of the most practical way to restore our internal balance is the use of hemp flower extracts. It is also true that most people, despite their best efforts, lose their enthusiasm if they do not achieve the desired results quickly enough.

However, it is also becoming well known that the regeneraton of the human body and the stability of our internal balance can be increased and accelerated through the consistent consumption of CBD oil.

Hemp is a gift of nature, and we want to make it beneficial for us by using it in the most natural way possible!

The recipe is as follows:

we make our CBD oils in a way that we stick to the purest method of extracting the essence of hemp flowers.

Hemp contains more than 1,300 biologically active substances. Their ratio is given, and if a person leads a natural lifestyle, exercises enough, eats without chemicals, breathes good air, their life is free from distress, peace resides in their heart, even a small amount of the substance can assure a harmonious life.

However, those who do not have such a blessed life have to pay attention to many other things to compensate for their overload. Most people tend to get stuck here, and this is why we use terpenoid rich extract. Terpenoids “work together” with cannabinoids. They potentiate each other’s effect, which, taking into account the synergistic effect, multiplies the overall effect. This is called the entourage effect.

When in doubt if CBD suits you, you can try our NATURAL product and test it yourself if it fits your expectations. We believe that you will not have to look any further, because the quality we offer speaks for itself. Let the common journey begin!

Hempit CBD oils are from superior quality hand picked hemp, furthermore they are:

  • natural retained
  • full spectrum
  • CBD min. 9%
  • THC max. 0,2%
  • made with care and passion

Main characteristic of our quality hemp products made with heart

From seed to the end product

monitored processes with qualified staff, guaranteeing the transparency of our hemp manufactory

Seedling Stage

We only sow seeds of hemp varieties listed in the EU catalogue of accredited varieties from certified European hemp seed producers. We only use fresh seeds from the previous year to achieve the highest germination capacity, and to get healthy plants.

Cultivation of Crops

Our hemp is cultivated in the most suitable regions of Hungary, exclusively on organic soil, without the use of any chemicals. We don't use pesticides, or any growth regulators, we rely on the ancient knowledge of nature, because we are in search for the balance.

Collecting, drying

All our plants are strictly harvested by hand, dried slowly and gently, and then left to rest for a period of time so that the organic bonds continue to break down steadily. At this point it is utmost important to maintain the appropriate conditions to avoid pests, mold and impurities

Production of Goods

We use the highest industry standard CO2 extraction process, after which the RAW material is winterized and purified, to meet our purity expectations. This high quality material is used to mix our unique blends, which are all tested by third party laboratories.